St James Lane, Winchester, SO22 4NY
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Hygienist Care

The purpose of a visit to our hygienist is to help you achieve a healthy mouth and provide you with the knowledge and skills to maintain this oral health for the rest of your life.

The General Dental Council have relaxed their regulations which now permit dental hygienists to work independently without referral from a dentist. Patients can now book hygiene appointments without seeing a dentist first.

Dental hygienists are able to carry out oral care advice and scaling. A full assessment of your mouth will be carried out at your first hygiene visit to establish the complexity of your problems. This involves taking a number of measurements of your teeth and gums to give us a complete picture in order to formulate a treatment plan. We will also assess how well you currently clean your teeth and provide instruction on how you can improve your oral care.

A programme of treatment will be agreed that may involve a number of appointments. Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned (scaled) to remove hard deposits and staining.. Some of these scaling appointments may be carried out under local anaesthetic (a small injection to numb the teeth and gum). On completion of your treatment we will offer an onward maintenance programme designed for your continuing care.

Our hygienists also provide prevention advice for children which includes tooth brush instruction, diet advice and application of fluoride and placing of fissure sealants.
It is important that all patients are regularly examined by a qualified dental surgeon to exclude dental disease such as caries and root canal problems.