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Fee Guide

Private Fees

Fee per Item Treatment Charges (guideline only):


  • New Patient examination
    Initial appointment includes examination of the teeth, gums and oral tissues, gum monitoring, x-rays and treatment planning with written estimate.
  • £55.00 (under 18’s free)
  • Hygienist
    Per 30 minute appointment
  • £45.00
  • Child Hygienist
  • £28.00
  • X-rays (per film)
  • £8.00
  • Panoramic X-rays
  • £35.00

Orthodontics (Dr Angus Pringle)Prices

  • First Consultation
    The purpose of this appointment is to get an understanding of your concerns and to assess your teeth and bite. Angus will discuss with you the options which will be suitable for you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. The cost of the first consultation is £35 and the appointment lasts 30 minutes. The cost of a Snoring/Sleep Apnoea consultation is £80 and the appointment lasts 40 minutes. A written report with estimate of treatment cost will be provided to you and your dentist following your consultation.
  • from £35.00 – £80.00
  • Case Assessment and Treatment Plan
    Sometime following your consultation there is an additional appointment for planning your treatment. At this appointment you will have impressions of your teeth, photographs and if required radiograph(s) of your teeth to finalise your plan. The cost of this appointment is from £180 for most options. For patients considering Invisalign treatment, the cost of the appointment is £400. The cost of the Case Assessment is deducted from the total cost of your treatment. A written confirmation of treatment cost will be provided following your full case assessment.
  • from £180.00 – £400.00
  • Guide Price for Different Types of Braces
    The cost of treatment is fully inclusive and includes all materials, laboratory costs, appointments and 1year follow-up after your brace has been removed. Guide price is for braces placed on top and bottom teeth, sometimes braces can be placed on just top or bottom teeth, in this instance the price will be lower than shown.
  • Damon metal brace
  • from £2800.00 (or £116 pcm)
  • Clear fixed brace
  • from £3500.00 (or £145 pcm)
  • Invisalign full arch
  • from £4000.00 (or £122 pcm)
  • Invisalign i7
  • from £1600.00 (or £80 pcm)
  • Incognito full arch lingual brace
  • from £6000.00 (or £222 pcm)
  • Incognito lite lingual brace
  • from £3500.00 (or £166 pcm)

Anti-Snoring/Sleep Apnoea DevicesPrices

  • Sleepwell anti-snoring device
  • from £350.00
  • Somnowell anti-snoring device
  • from £1200.00 (or £80 pcm)

Please Note Costs given are an example, but are subject to change depending on foreign exchange rates, metal prices and complexity of treatment. Treatment carried out by another practitioner/dentists (including extractions) is not included. Replacement of lost/broken braces/appliances/aligners/devices are at additional costs. Monthly prices for Damon fixed braces are based on a 25% deposit and 12-24 monthly installments by standing order.Invisalign and Incognito treatment may require up to 50 % initial deposit and 12-24 monthly installments by standing order. The monthly prices for the Somnowell anti-snoring device are based on initial 60% deposit and 6 monthly installments by standing order.

Periodontist (Gum Specialist: Dr Amir Savage)Prices

  • Periodontist consultation
    60 minute appointment including a full in depth assessment of you gum condition with a dental specialist. The assessment includes a full 6 point pocket chart and treatment plan.
  • £160.00

Implants (Dr Edward Boursin)Prices

  • Consultation
  • £85.00
  • Panoramic X-ray of the jaw
  • £35.00
  • Implant per tooth including final restoration
  • from £2,400.00

Sedation (for dental anxiety and invasive procedures)Prices

  • Consultation and assessment of suitability
  • £35.00
  • Intra-venous (per 60 minutes)
  • £250.00
  • RA sedation (inhalation nitrous oxide sedation – per 30 minutes)
  • from £85.00
  • Oral tablets
  • from £45.00

Fillings Prices

  • White/tooth coloured
  • from £65.00
  • Silver
  • from £52.00

Laboratory made RestorationsPrices

  • Crowns
    Porcelain bonded to metal, All porcelain, Non-precious metal or gold
  • from £300.00
  • Bridge work
    White porcelain bridges per tooth
  • from £395.00


  • Routine extraction
  • from £75.00
  • Surgical extraction
  • from £160.00

Root Canal Therapy (routine cases with general dentist)Prices

  • Single rooted teeth
  • from £120.00
  • Multi rooted teeth
  • from £250.00

Root Canal Therapy (complex cases with use of microscope)Prices

  • With Dr David Brown
  • Single rooted teeth
  • from £250.00
  • Multi rooted teeth
  • from £550.00

Tooth WhiteningPrices

  • Consultation
    The free introduction to tooth whitening appointment includes a tooth shade calibration session followed by an informative discussion of modern tooth whitening options with no obligation
  • Free
  • Home tray whitening (single arch)
  • from £185.00
  • Home tray whitening (both arches)
  • from £299.00
  • Zoom (in office, with home top up trays and gel)
  • £550.00


  • Composite resin veneers
  • from £125.00
  • Pressed porcelain veneers
  • from £450.00


  • Acrylic partial denture
  • from £375.00
  • Metal based partial denture
  • from £650.00
  • Full upper and lower set of acrylic dentures
  • from £850.00

Splints, Retainers and Mouthguards Prices

  • Orthodontic retainer
  • from £55.00
  • Nightguards (soft)
  • from £55.00
  • Nightguards (hard B-Splint)
  • from £98.00
  • Sports mouth guards (dependent of colours and motifs)
  • from £55.00

NHS Fees

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